Tour Artist for the Aston Martin Centenary Tour, 2013

Nothing encapsulates the marriage of speed and style as much as an Aston Martin. So it was only fitting that, when Jeremy was asked to help mark the hundredth anniversary of this most venerable of British car manufacturers, he was sent on a high-speed mission to produce fourteen paintings in fourteen days.

The Aston Martin Owners Club celebrated its anniversary by sending a convoy of Aston Martins on a tour of the Alps. Jeremy had to stick to an exacting schedule to get the images he wanted. “I needed to stay ahead of the convoy, so I could capture them as they came through the important passes and villages. I’d head out in my van at 6am, to stay one step ahead of the cars. I’d arrive at that night’s hotel at 6pm, eat, then retire to my bedroom – which I’d earlier set up as a studio – and paint from 9pm-3am. Then I’d frame the painting, get three hours sleep, and the whole thing would start again at 6am. That way, I was able to produce a painting every night.”

Of course, Jeremy didn’t compromise on the quality of the images to hit his daily target. As he often does, he took inspiration from black and white photography to give the images a timeless feel, using a mix of warm and cool colours to produce a subtle and nuanced colour palette.

At a black tie gala to mark the end of the tour, where the entire collection was exhibited. The show then moved to the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire.