Jeremy Houghton has been evolving his signature flamingo portfolio for over 20 years. Whilst teaching art in Cape Town (2000-2005) he travelled Southern Africa extensively; it was the myriad of composition and colour provided by the ‘flamboyance’ that caught his eye. He followed the flamingo’s migration patterns from Namibia to Kenya, using his paintings to highlight endangered themes such as freedom and tranquillity.

Drawing inspiration from the multiple trips to breeding grounds across the continent, Houghton paints these birds from his Cotswold studios in the UK. His semi abstract oil paintings aim to capture the colour and exuberance as a mass of pink energy moving across the canvas. Ignoring detail, he creates shape and texture with bold brush strokes giving uplifting impressions of playfulness and flight.

Each of Jeremy Houghton’s bewitching flamingo paintings offers a glimpse into a secret space, a hidden world where nature roams and saunters. By uncovering the flamboyant drama of the flamingos, Houghton’s work revivifies our mundane, utilitarian relationship with the natural world. (Ed Hancox 2011) 

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