Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

31st July – 31st October 2023

A recent trip to Jacks Camp in the Kalahari Desert inspired a new collection of flamingo paintings by artist Jeremy Houghton. These works have been elevated by gold leaf, some on round canvases, as a comment on the rarity of this endangered species.

“Flamingos give you infinite possibilities for composition. With flamingos, when I start painting, I don’t know what I’m going to achieve: I just go for it. And I always find something fun, colourful and uplifting. It’s a totally different way from how I usually work, which is great because it stops me getting stagnant.”

Flamingos have become a visual signature for artist Jeremy Houghton – bright and uplifting, the paintings are intentionally joyful.


High on Life by Jeremy Houghton
High on Life, 2023
gold leaf and acrylic on canvas
50cm × 50cm