The Golden Kalahari Flamingo Collection

The Golden Kalahari Collection

In February 2023, Jeremy visited Jacks Camp on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, to paint the vast flocks of flamingos that breed there.

After an hours flight in a small two seater helicopter a golden pink haze could be seen in the distance. As they flew closer, thousand upon thousand of pink birds, as far as the eye can see, could be seen. A truly spectacular sight.

The new Kalahari collection of flamingo paintings was thus born , some of which have been elevated by gold leaf in a comment on their rarity and beauty.

“Flamingos give you infinite possibilities for composition. With flamingos, when I start painting, I don’t know what I’m going to achieve: I just go for it. I always find something fun, colourful and uplifting. It’s a totally different way from how I usually work, which is great because it stops me getting stagnant.

I’ve had a lot of fun giving titles to my flamingo paintings! I wanted to put the birds into urban scenarios – like Girls Get in for Free, was an idea of a gaggle of girls on a hen night, dancing and having a great time! Groups of birds become abstracted from a distance, so I can concentrate on colour and shape rather than detail.

There’s also a rhythmical quality to them – the beating of their wings in flight, the way they stand. One client likened them to musical notes. It’s true that there is a musical quality and that’s why recently I’ve been giving the paintings musically related titles like ‘Sweet Dreams are made of These,’ to conjure up feelings of happiness.”

Flamingos have become a visual signature for artist Jeremy Houghton – bright and uplifting, the paintings are intentionally joyful.