Artist in Residence, London Fashion Week, 2008 & 2018.

Jeremy has exhibited his work all around the world. But whether in New York or New Delhi, Worcestershire or Wyoming, his work is usually displayed in much the way you’d expect: hung from the wall. However, in 2018, he was given the opportunity to see his work shown in a very different way.

Italian fashion house Kolchagov Barba approached Jeremy for a unique collaboration: printing his flamingo paintings on silk, using them to creating one-of-a-kind dresses. Fast forward six months, and the ‘Borderless’ collection was showcased at a London Fashion Week catwalk show. The founders of Kolchagov Barba chose the name ‘Borderless’ because of the way Jeremy’s paintings capture flamingos flying freely – an image of transcending borders at a time of increasing conflict between nations.

This was Jeremy’s second experience of London Fashion Week; in 2008, he got his first taste of the glamorous event when he was resident at Intercontinental London Park Lane. This was in association with Grandy Art.

To see images from this ‘Borderless’ collection click here.