Artist in Residence, Rorke’s Drift, 2003

In 2003 – 2004 Jeremy spent a number of weeks staying with David Rattray at Fugitives Drift in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, doing a series of drawings of the Zulus living in between Rorke’s Drift and the sphinx-shaped mountain called Islandwana. These two locations are important in British military history because they are the sites of the Anglo-Zulu battles of 1889, where Lord Chelmsford’s men were defeated on the slopes of Islandlwana. That same night the small Rorke’s Drift garrison held off a second Zulu attack, in a display of defence and bravery that was recognised with 12 VCs.

Whilst at the battle fields Jeremy also spent time with historian Rob Caskie, who along with David Rattray brought these wars back to life. David Rattray said of Jeremy’s Zulu pictures: “They bring back fond memories of our time on these battlefields. Well done in bringing their stories back to life”.

Jeremy did his Zulu drawings using a Bic biro ballpoint pen – the same implement used by the local children in the state funded rural schools.

Prints are available of these pictures. Email look@jeremyhoughton for further details.