Artist in Residence, Highgrove for The Prince of Wales, 2013

A country boy through and through, Jeremy has spent his whole life around those who work the land. So when he was looking for a fresh way of depicting Highgrove, the Prince of Wales’ Gloucestershire Estate, he proposed focusing on “life beyond the garden fence”: on the thriving farmland where the Prince has pioneered a sustainable approach to agriculture.

Highgrove by Jeremy Houghton

Like his father the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales was far ahead of his time in stressing the need for farming methods which preserve, rather than exploit, nature. So almost forty years ago, he converted Highgrove’s farm into a completely organic system, using traditional methods to prove their viability. As patron of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, the Prince also made the farm home to rare native breeds of cattle, pigs and sheep.

For Jeremy, all this was grist for the mill. He aimed to capture the timeless quality of life at Highgrove, and show the beauty of a farm that works in harmony with nature. As the Prince said when Jeremy presented him with the paintings, “our natural world is as precious as our cathedrals and our palaces” – and just as worthy of celebration.

Proceeds from the sale of the paintings were donated to The Prince’s Countryside Fund.

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