Iconic Magazine Launch. Feb 2024

ICONIC magazine launch its Spring edition – with a front cover by Jeremy Houghton  ICONIC magazine, house magazine for the Iconic Luxury Hotels group which includes The Mayfair Townhouse, 11 Cadogan Gardens, The Chelsea Townhouse, Chewton Glen, The Lygon Arms and Cliveden House, launches its Spring 2024 edition. As the Artist in Residence for The […]

Artist in Residence Giffords Circus 2024

Cowboys Never Say Goodbye An exhibition in support of Maggie’s Cancer Centres Jeremy Houghton will be celebrating his 2024 residency for Giffords Circus with a series of Pop-Up exhibitions throughout the season called ‘Cowboys Never Say Goodbye’. This one-off collection of limited edition prints and paintings by the renowned British artist captures the spirit of […]

Royalty, Flamingos and the Road Home. Jan 2024

written by Greg Fountain for ICONIC magazine. Renowned artist Jeremy Houghton has painted for The Queen and Prince Charles, but his latest residency brings him back home to the Cotswolds, at The Lygon Arms. Broadway is synonymous with art. Along the wide high street that gave this peaceful Worcestershire village its name have walked so […]

Jeremy Houghton sponsors Barnie Brotherton

We are excited to announce that Jeremy Houghton will be sponsoring International event rider Barnie Brotherton, throughout the 2024 season. Previously based with Harry Meade, now riding from his own Little Mocho Eventing Yard, Barnie has gone from strength to strength, eventing to 4* and a winner at 3* “leading the charge for the young […]

Jeremy Houghton at The Lygon Arms in 2024

Jeremy Houghton has a long and happy association with The Lygon Arms since first passing over its threshold as a young boy. Little did he know that forty years later, his artworks would proudly hang on these historic walls to be enjoyed by visitors from all over the world. Jeremy will be hosting two after-dinner […]

Giffords Circus – Cowboys Never Say Goodbye 2023

JEREMY HOUGHTON X GIFFORDS CIRCUS in support of Maggie’s Charity In the run up to the 25th anniversary of Giffords Circus in 2025, Jeremy Houghton is delighted to be the Artist in Residence for this unique circus with cult status in the Cotswolds and beyond. Cherished by so many as a quintessentially English highlight of […]

Flamingo Chasing

Artist Jeremy Houghton charts a career painting these endangered species. “Flamingos give you infinite possibilities for composition. With flamingos, when I start painting, I don’t know what I’m going to achieve: I just go for it. And I always find something fun, colourful and uplifting. It’s a totally different way from how I usually work, […]

Biggin Hill Commission – August 2022

Jeremy Houghton has just finished hanging one of his largest commissions to date. A 6 metre x 6 metre canvas of flamingos in flight now graces the entrance hall of the hotel at Biggin Hill airport. The unveiling of the artwork marks the opening of the hotel, following a massive refurbishment as a luxury destination […]

All the Queen’s Horses – a Platinum Jubilee exhibition 2022

All the Queen’s Horses is a collection of nearly seventy paintings, celebrating the Queen’s lifelong passion for horses throughout her reign. Houghton features horses from her childhood pony Peggy, beloved Windsor greys, fell ponies, polo ponies to the pedigrees on ceremonial duties. ‘Horses have played such a significant role in Her Majesty’s life since childhood, […]

Presentation of ‘Dunfermline’ at Epsom Derby – June 2022

Jeremy Houghton has worked closely with the Royal Family as Artist in Residence for the Prince of Wales at Highgrove in 2013, followed by a residency at Windsor Castle in 2014 for HM The Queen. This allowed him to observe her passion for horses in formal and military engagements, on the racecourse and also in […]

Falklands 40 – May 2022

The Army Benevolant Fund were keen to work with a military artist to produce an exhibition of paintings to commemorate 40 years since the Falklands War. This resulted in ‘The Art of War’, a one – day exhibition on 28th May 2022, comprising of 12 paintings by Jeremy Houghton, the Official Artist for the Falklands […]

Royal Academy Book Launch 2021

September 2021 sees the publication of ‘An Artist in Residence’ a book written by the art critic Colin Cameron. A book signing and interview quickly follows at the Royal Academy of Art in Piccadilly. Artist and critic discuss Houghton’s career to date including the fascinating residencies in sportings most elite institutions, royal palaces and military […]

Artist in Residence for Scouts Centenary 2019

For the centenary of the Scouts in 2019, Jeremy was commissioned to sketch 100 of their famous alumni for an exhibition in the headquarters at Gilwell Park. Inspired by the sketches made for the 100th anniversary of the RAF, loose pencil drawings capture the inspiring stories and lives of its members. Each and every portrait […]

Artist in Residence for London Fashion Week 2008 and 2018.

Jeremy has exhibited his work all around the world. But whether in New York or New Delhi, Worcestershire or Wyoming, his work is usually displayed in much the way you’d expect: hung from the wall. However, in 2018, he was given the opportunity to see his work shown in a very different way. Italian fashion […]

Artist in Residence for the RAF Centenary. 2018

For the centenary of the RAF in 2018, Jeremy was commissioned to sketch “the last of the few”: the surviving pilots from the Battle of Britain. Winston Churchill famously said of the aircrews who fought the Battle of Britain that “never in the history of mankind has so much been owed by so many to […]

Championship Artist at Wimbledon. 2017.

When Jeremy was asked to be the 2017 Wimbledon Championship Artist, he jumped at the chance to document his favourite sporting event – but he had no idea just how close he’d get to some of the greatest players the sport has ever seen: Murray, Nadal, Djokovic, and that year’s champion, Roger Federer. Every day […]

Maker and Observer. Glassground 2017.

When Jeremy starts a new residency, it can be days, weeks, or even months before he starts painting. For some period of time, he spends time walking around, a sketchbook in hand. So what’s he doing in that time, if he isn’t painting? It’s simple, really: he’s looking. That’s because before he has committed paint […]

Artist in Residence for Sir Ben Ainslie at the 35th America’s Cup. 2017.

When Sir Ben Ainslie decided to take on the challenge of raising a team from scratch to contest the 2017 America’s Cup, he called on Jeremy to document the effort. Jeremy had originally worked with Sir Ben – the most successful Olympic sailor of all time – at London 2012, where he relished the visual […]

Artist in Residence for the James Hunt Estate. 2016.

When it came to depicting Formula One legend James Hunt, there was only one colour that could capture his vivid personality and driving style. Winning the 1976 World Championship in the vermilion McLaren M23, James Hunt was undeniably red-blooded – both on and off the track. The 1976 Championship was one of the most dramatic […]

Artist in Residence at Goodwood for Lord March. 2015.

Goodwood felt like a natural home for Jeremy’s work. At his West Sussex estate, The Duke of Richmond hosts events that marry sports, tradition, and classic British style. In 2015, the Duke commissioned Jeremy to depict three events: the Festival of Speed, a hill climb featuring historic and modern cars that attracts 150,000 daily spectators; […]

Artist in Residence at Windsor Castle for The Queen. 2014.

When Jeremy was invited by Her Majesty Queen to document the life of Windsor Castle in 2014, he faced the exciting challenge of deciding where to place his focus. Every residency offers up a range of potential features to focus on; but Windsor Castle, with its thousand-year history and hundreds of staff members, provides a […]

Retrospective at The Ashmolean Museum

In 2014 the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford opened a second museum in the Cotswold village of Broadway. Jeremy Houghton was given a 10 year retrospective at this new museum which ran for six months and included a full colour hard back catalogue. Foreword by Professor Christopher Brown. Director of Ashmolean. The Ashmolean name was always […]

Tour Artist for the Aston Martin Centenary Tour. 2013.

Nothing encapsulates the marriage of speed and style as much as an Aston Martin. So it was only fitting that, when Jeremy was asked to help mark the hundredth anniversary of this most venerable of British car manufacturers, he was sent on a high-speed mission to produce fourteen paintings in fourteen days. The Aston Martin […]

Artist in Residence at Highgrove for The Prince of Wales. 2013.

A country boy through and through, Jeremy has spent his whole life around those who work the land. So when he was looking for a fresh way of depicting Highgrove, the Prince of Wales’ Gloucestershire Estate, he proposed focusing on “life beyond the garden fence”: on the thriving farmland where the Prince has pioneered a […]

Official Artist for the London Olympics Games. 2012.

As one of the official Olympic artists, Jeremy’s work wasn’t only about the two memorable weeks when London played host to the world’s greatest sporting competition. It was as much about the years of gruelling training leading up to the games, as it was about the moment the starter pistol was fired. And it was […]

Artist in Residence at Kamfer’s Dam South Africa. 2011.

In the course of his work, Jeremy has been lucky enough to see inside some of the grandest buildings in the world. However, his home for this residency was as simple as it comes: a mud hut on the edge of a wetland in South Africa. But there are few other places that Jeremy would […]

Artist in Residence for the Gentlemen at Arms. 2009.

The Honourable Corps of Gentleman at Arms is the world’s oldest military regiment. For half a millennium, they’ve been tasked with guarding the most important person in Britain – the reigning monarch. With their medieval battle-axes, swan-plumed helmets, and other assorted finery, they also know how to make a splash. This provided ample visual opportunities […]

Artist in Residence at Rorke’s Drift

In 2003 – 2004 Jeremy spent a number of weeks staying with David Rattray at Fugitives Drift in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, doing a series of drawings of the Zulus living in between Rorke’s Drift and the sphinx-shaped mountain called Islandwana. These two locations are important in British military history because they are the sites of the Anglo-Zulu battles […]